Airmar CHIRP Transducer

Use CHIRP Technology to find more fish?

Use CHIRP Technology to find more fish?

CHIRP stands for (Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse) which is actually a Frequency-modulated sound pulse.

Airmar CHIRP Transducer

OK, enough with all of the technical stuff.

You might be thinking, Great but how can this help me find and catch more fish? Traditional fish finders use one or two fixed frequency sound pulses to find fish and the bottom. The two frequencies most commonly used are 50kHz and/or 200kHz. These two pulses are great in some situations but aren’t the best in all situations. As a result you may get false readings or miss fish that are right below the boat.

How does CHIRP technology fix this issue?

Instead of using just two frequencies CHIRP uses a range of frequencies that it modifies on-the-fly to create the best picture of the bottom and the fish below the boat. The resulting picture of the bottom is unmatched and the detail is amazing. By using the best frequency for a given situation CHIRP technology is changing the way we see below our boats.

How do I get CHIRP technology on my boat?

First, you’ll have to get a fish finder and a transducer that can use and recognize CHIRP technology. Armed with these two items you’ll be seeing the bottom and the fish better than ever before.

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