How to find fish in the ocean, see underwater with a Fish Finder

How to find fish in the ocean

Let’s face it, the ocean makes up 2/3rds the surface of the earth so finding fish for those who go fishing can be a daunting task. Having said that there are some electronic tools out there that can make the job of finding and catching fish a whole lot easier.

Electronic Fish Finders of Old

Today’s electronic fish finders are a huge leap from the ones I used to use when I started fishing years ago. Back then fish finders were circular like a clock and most had red or green LEDs or lights that lit up to tell you what the depth of the water was at your current location. The light would spin forward and back around the dial as you moved to show you the changes in depth. If you were lucky enough to pass over some fish, a second red or green light would light up at the depth the fish were swimming at. But you had to watch fast or else you would miss the second light because all of the lights were displayed in real time. Which meant, if you weren’t watching at that particular moment, you missed it.

Today’s modern electronic fish finders
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Modern fish finders are nothing like the old ones. Advances in computing technology have paved the way for graphics that were unheard of just years ago. Fish finders now can show you virtual pictures of the bottom and the fish in the whole water column. Some models with side scan features look like photos of the bottom and the structures resident there. If it’s been a while sine you’ve looked at fish finders take a look, you’ll be amazed at what you see.

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  1. Hi there it’s Alexey!
    Nice and short article on some awesome electronic devices that helps us to find some fish, Hah!
    I never thought that such a thing even exists, and it is in fact, very interesting.
    I love to read about random stuff that differs from all the popular “make money online” topics.
    Thanks for the share:)

  2. Wow this is a great device, am quite new to fishing but I live in an area where people live eat and die fish. I will definitely share this info with them – they going to be very excited.

  3. This is great. I use to fish more often with my dad or my cousin using the old time one’s you indicated.
    I should have guessed but didn’t know they were so sophisticated now a days.
    The photo you displayed gave an excellent view!
    Makes me want to pick my pole back up again; and I know what to get for some Christmas presents this year.

    1. The new Fish Finders are amazing and the features just keep getting better as does the resolution. All pretty cool if you ask me.

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